Book censorship today?!

UPDATE: Please see the comment posted on October 8, 2010 by Odette Menyard. The book is back in circulation and available for purchase.
We are appalled by the decision of Classiques Garnier to censor the book of feminist literary criticism by Anne Larue noted in the article posted on June 2. This book was approved by the editorial board of Classiques Garnier, published, and put on the market, only to be withdrawn for reasons that are unknown to us and the author, still today.

Vote NO to censorship by clicking on the petition here: ici


3 thoughts on “Book censorship today?!

  1. You should note that since June 25, Anne Larue’s book is again on sale… Here is what Larue announced in August:

    « “J’ai le plaisir de vous indiquer qu’à la suite d’un accord intervenu avec les éditions Classiques Garnier et les deux directeurs de la collection Perspectives comparatistes, mon ouvrage Fiction, féminisme et post-modernité. Les voies subversives du roman contemporain à grand succès a été remis en vente le 25 juin dernier ”.

  2. Thank you for that important update, Odette. I am relieved to know that Classiques Garnier did the right thing.

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