The 2011 “What You must know about the Revolution” roundtable announced

We are happy to announce that a roundtable on “What You Must Know About the French Revolution: Literary Round Table / Les Must de la Révolution française: Table ronde littéraire,” will be held at the annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies in Vancouver, BC, on Thursday March 17, from 4:15-5:45pm.

Speakers and “Musts” to be discussed include:
1. Amir MINSKY, New York University, Abu Dhabi. Campe, Briefe aus Paris (1790)
2. Geneviève GOUBIER, Université de Provence, France. Louvet, Émilie de Varmont (1791)
3. Eric AVOCAT, University of Kyoto, Japan. Lequinio, Les Préjugés détruits par J.M. Lequinio (1792)
4. Jeff LEICHMAN, Sarah Lawrence College. Beaumarchais, La Mère coupable (1792)
5. Susan MASLAN, University of California, Berkeley. Piis, La Nourrice républicaine (Year 2, ca. 1793-94)
6. Lesley WALKER, Indiana University South Bend. Genlis, Les Chevaliers du cygne (1795)
7. Cecilia FEILLA, Marymount Manhattan College. Bonaparte, La Tribu indienne (1799)

Longer versions of the papers will be posted one month before the conference on:

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