Revolution Now: Keep Robespierre’s Memory Alive!

Since launching this site in 2009, and more recently agreeing to co-host a session on the Popular Culture of Revolution for ASECS 2012, I am increasingly convinced that pop culture is where the action is. The scholarly action and the political action. I have seen an astounding improvement in classroom dynamics when allusions to films, advertising, and “real-life” scenarios are brought to bear on historical topics. The articles on the Marie-Antoinette pager, Coppola’s film, and the Dolce & Gabbana “Hot Baroque” line systematically draw more hits than any other on this site. (The wildly popular Bastille Day quiz was a rare opportunity to make Revolution relevant to the non-initiate.) In a society where people consult their phones more frequently than their fellows, and where the president requests citizens to “twitter” their representatives instead of joining hands in traditional protest action, is it any wonder that we are increasingly drawn to ponder the instantaneous cyber-effects of cultural action?
One curious by-product of this situation is the call launched by the group known as Friends of Robespierre to demand that a museum be constructed in honor of the Incorruptible in his one-time home in Arras.
Headed by Alain Cousin (webmaster of the group; not to be confused with Alain Cousin, Deputy of the Manche district), this group is surprisingly effective. To date, more than 500 internautes have signed on (including yours truly). This has considerably grown the paper petition campaign which wielded 473 signatures so far.
To join forces with the Friends of Robespierre and demand a museum in his honor, or to learn more about this group’s activities, click here.
To be continued!


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