Thermidor Fun Facts Day Three: Robespierre’s Siblings

June 16: Day Three: Robsepierre’s Siblings
Maximilien was the eldest of five children. One of his brothers, Antoine, was executed along with him in the purge of Thermidor Year 2. Which sibling wrote memoirs of her older brother and tried to protect his name for posterity?
a. Sylvie Robespierre, author of Mon frère, l’ami du peuple
b. Gertrude Marteau (née Robespierre), author of L’incorruptible corrigé
c. Charlotte Robespierre, author of Mémoires de Charlotte Robespierre sur ses deux frères
d. Martine Delaplaine, duchesse de Rochefort (née Robespierre), author of Je l’aimais malgré tout

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