Thermidor Fun Fact Day Seventeen: Wordsworth on the French Revolution

In his long poem, The Prelude, the English poet William Wordsworth includes a section called “Residence in France” where he describes visiting France in 1792 and 1793. One of many fine passages follows. Fill in the blank with the missing word that describes Paris during the tumult:
‘Twas in truth an hour
Of universal ferment; mildest men
Were agitated; and commotions, strife
Of passions and opinions, filled the walls
Of peaceful houses with unquiet sounds.
The soul of common life, was, at that time,
Too ______ to tread upon. Oft said I then,
And not then only, ‘What a mockery this
Of history, the past and that to come!’

a. hollow

b. soft

c. wet

d. hot


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