Thermidor Fun Fact Day Twenty-Four: The …. of Lamourette

On July 7, 1792, Antoine Adrien Lamourette stood up to address his colleagues in France’s disharmonious Legislative Assembly. At a time of feverish criticism of the Revolution and renewed attacks on France’s fronts, Lamourette proposed that the assembly’s problems could be solved by more fraternité, or brotherly love. In surely one of the most improbable scenes from European political history, the deputies of the assembly ….
What did they do?
a. they started hugging and kissing each other, thus the kiss of Lamourette (Le baiser Lamourette).
b. they shook hands heartily, thus the Lamourette accord (L’accord Lamourette).
c. they voted unanimously, thus the Lamourette vote (Le vote Lamourette).
d. they turned around and executed Lamourette, thus Lamourette’s death (La mort de Lamourette).

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