Thermidor Fun Fact Day Thirty-One: The Spirit of the Convention and the 19th-century novel

What nineteenth-century French novelist appears to have drawn inspiration directly from the quote below in his masterwork? It was spoken by a leader of the Convention in July 1794.

« Mettez donc au-dessus de la porte des asiles des inscriptions qui annoncent leur disparition prochaine. Car si, la Révolution finie, nous avons encore des malheureux parmi nous, nos travaux révolutionnaires auront été vains. »

[Put up signs over the doors of poorhouses announcing that they will soon be gone. Because if, when the Revolution is over, we still have poor and unhappy people amongst us, our revolutionary efforts will have been in vain.]

a. Victor Hugo
b. J.K. Huysmans
c. Marcel Proust
d. Gustave Flaubert

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