Thermidor Fun Fact Day Thirty-Five: Bara the boy martyr lives on today

A facsimile of a 1794 pamphlet relating the inspiring tale of the boy soldier Joseph Bara, who died at age 14, can be found within the pages of what book by a contemporary French writer? Legend has it that when ordered to say “Vive le Roi,” he refused and was killed by the king’s troops. Bara was celebrated by Robespierre as a martyr to the Republic. In fact he would have been “pantheonized” if Thermidor had not put a wrench in Robespierre’s plans.

The juxtaposition of this pamphlet to the narrative listed below seems at first oddly assonant; one wonders what the author was thinking…until the last sentence: “Elles diront que la liberté n’est pas négociable.”

a. Leïla Sebbar, Le Pays de ma mère: Voyage en Frances [sic]
b. Thomas Piketty, Le Capital au XXIe siècle
c. Pierre Ronsanvallon, La Société des égaux
d. Marc Fumaroli, Exercices de lecture

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