The Frankenstein of 1790: 20% discount until May 1! and other topical news

Douthwaite_J_Frankenstein_This just in: the University of Chicago Press has allowed my book, The Frankenstein of 1790 and Other Lost Chapters from Revolutionary France, to be sold at a 20% discount until May 1!  Coupon Douthwaite_Flyer-US-150310 (1).

Perhaps I’ll see some of you readers in Los Angeles next week, at the annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies? That is always a super fun conference–there is always such a broad variety of interests present, in art, film, literature, history, philosophy, and music. It is a pleasure to attend, especially if you can refrain from assiduously taking notes and just enjoy taking in the beautiful words and strange artifacts from long ago.

fyi, my two events at ASECS are:

Thursday March 19, 9:45–11:15am

Panel no. 33: “The Directoire (1795-99): A Forgotten Milestone in European Immigration.” I am proud to chair this session featuring the excellent new work of Ourida Mostefai, Kelly Summers, and Christopher Tozzi.

Friday March 20, 4:15–5:45pm

Panel no. 153: “Gothic Fiction, Gothic Events: An 18th-Century Myopoesis of the Present?” (New Lights Forum: Cont. Perspectives on the Enlightenment).

I’m presenting: “The Revenge of the Hot Baroque: or How the French Revolution Was Remembered in the 1800s and Lives on Today, in Style”

This paper is inspired in part by Chris White’s fabulous article posted here, and reflections on film, fashion advertising. Very fun!


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