From Prairial to Pop Culture. Day Thirteen. What happened today, June 24th, in Paris in 1793?

Do you realize what happened today, June 24th, in Paris in 1793?!
a. The Constitution de l’An I / Year One (1793) was adopted.
“To many, especially the Jacobins, the Constitution of 1793 provided a model framework for an egalitarian, democratic republic; however, owing to the ongoing war the Convention suspended constitutional rule in October 1793 in favor of ‘revolutionary government . . . until the peace’.”*
b. Radical journalist Jean-Paul Marat was murdered by royalist Charlotte Corday.
The murder of this man, the self-styled Friend of the People, set off a rapid-fire popular movement to commemorate and sanctify Marat, exemplified by Jacques-Louis David’s state-sponsored portrait, The Death of Marat.
c. The execution of the queen of France.
Queen Marie-Antoinette was sent to the guillotine, leaving her two children behind as wards of the state.
d. The Insurrection of 24 June 1793.
This insurrection was one of the determining moments of the French Revolution. It resulted in the fall of the French monarchy after storming the Tuileries Palace by the National Guard of the Insurrectional Paris Commune and revolutionary fédérés from Marseilles and Brittany. King Louis XVI and the royal family took shelter with the Legislative Assembly. The formal end of the monarchy occurred six weeks later as one of the first acts of the new National Convention.

*This explanation is from the fabulous “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution” website,

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