A- for Insurrection wine

Insurrection wine

In these dark, lazy last days of 2015, what better way to relax and reflect by the fireside than by unleashing an Insurrection….

Insurrection wine, that is.

At this year’s annual solstice party, someone brought a bottle of Insurrection wine to the house. (They may have even brought it to my attention, for all I recall! The champagne was flowing freely along with the poetry of H.D., Ben Jonson, and Tenny Arlen that night; I’m a little foggy around the edges.)

At any rate, Insurrection wine is a cool discovery and I hear the wine is pretty good too. Not crazy about red, so I can only judge by the website.

Whoever is running their marketing campaign gets an A- for style.

“Rise up against ordinary flavors and domesticated wines,” he says, with macho swag. “Break Free. Take a stand for concentrated pleasure and life on the edge.”  Unlike those silly sops on the Continent, no one who drinks Insurrection “apologizes for living full throttle.”

I’m sure you picked up on the biker vibe. Note the Easy Rider nationalism, too: the grapes are called “quality Australian wines revered in the United States to go for the long haul.”

It is clever to posit Americans against Australians, instead of going for the more obvious, snob-value Old World targets (that is, the French & Italians): “it may finally be time for Americans to rethink their preconceptions about Australian wine.”

Love the bio of owner Steve Roden, an apparently working-class hero who’s been in the business since age 18 and “earned his stripes working for the top hot shot wineries.”

I know, I know, you’re wondering (as our students often opine), “Why didn’t I get an A, then?”

You didn’t get an A, Mr. Roden, because of your politics.

“Huh? What politics?” you might ask.

Exactly. Where’s the fellow feeling? Where is the fraternité?  I guess he was trying to avoid the Olive-Garden-grade schmaltz, but an insurrection can’t amount to anything without comrades.

This Insurrection seems to be a solitary drinker’s drink.  Not so good, those connotations: they bring to mind the the loner’s brew, le coca des clochards, the dull dregs of drunkards.

Nevertheless, I have to admire any ad campaign that touts its product as being “big, badass wine”! It reminds me of the happy hours I spent in ORD and CDG this fall, reading one of my new all-time favorites, Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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