Update on MLA paper,” How Revolutionary is our Scholarship?

Austin MLA 2016

January 1, 2016

The excitement is gaining at my place, in anticipation of going to Austin, TX in four days for the mammoth annual meeting of the MLA. The revolutionary panel should be interesting! Line-up’s below, and btw update: my paper is now available on academia.edu. Last night, I wrote: “yikes! could that be why I’m still at it on New Year’s Eve?” Well, yes, but now it’s out there for anybody to read and comment upon; publicly available with the footnotes and everything. What the hell. This is the first time I’ve ever done this; I’m curious to see what will be the reaction, if any.

Well, Happy New Years anyway! Let’s hope it is a productive one for all of us, and ends on a better note than it began, politically speaking.

  1. Revolutionary Echoes

Thursday, 7 January3:30–4:45 p.m., 406, JW Marriott

Program arranged by the forum LLC 18th-Century French

Presiding: Jennifer S. Tsien, Univ. of Virginia

  1. “How Revolutionary Is Our Scholarship Today?,” Julia V. Douthwaite, Univ. of Notre Dame
  2. “How Not to Make a Revolution: The Revolution of Naples according to Cuoco,” Biliana Kassabova, Stanford Univ.
  3. “The Philosophes in Morocco: Revolutionary Ideas and Islam in the Twenty-First Century,” Mary Elizabeth Allen, Univ. of Virginia
  4. “‘This Full-Lipped Maiden Has the Heart of a Tiger’: Madame Roland as Model and Ideal in Revolutionary China,” Cecilia Feilla, Marymount Manhattan Coll.



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