Update on Le Miroir des Evénemens Actuels, the latest from London !

Update: Since posting my last discovery about Nogaret’s 1790 pamphlet, I received a classy reply from the British Library in London.

Nice!nogaret le Miroir des evenements actuels 1790 French Frankenstein Douthwaite


Inbox x

Message One:  From me, to the British Library

Message: Hello,
I was shocked to read material lifted directly out of my 2012 book presented without any attribution on this page:

Please let me know how you will rectify this.
My book is: The Frankenstein of 1790 and other Lost Chapters from Revolutionary France (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012). It was published in French in 2016 as Le Frankenstein francais et la litterature de l’ere revolutionnaire (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2016).
Email: jdouthwa@nd.edu
Name: Julia V. Douthwaite


Message Two : Reply from the British Library


Dear Professor Douthwaite,

My colleague has sent me your email regarding the British Library web page for Le Miroir des Evénemens Actuels. I have now looked at your fascinating book and have seen that you were indeed the first to draw the connection between Nogaret and Shelley’s Frankenstein. We should certainly therefore have credited your work on the web page. I am very sorry indeed for this omission. The label was written a number of years ago by a team member who has now left the Library.

We would be honoured if you would consider both re-writing the label and writing a more in-depth article about Frankenstein and the French Revolution. We will of course credit you for both and can offer a fee of £250.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for this error.


Anna Lobbenberg
Lead Producer for Digital Learning

2 thoughts on “Update on Le Miroir des Evénemens Actuels, the latest from London !

  1. To bring closure to this incident: I did fix the label which the British Library posted right away here:
    But the article I proposed to write for them, on the “French Frankenstein,” was not welcomed so I never did get the 250 GBP.
    Moral of the story: The glow of academic glory must suffice, since financial rewards are rare for researchers.

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