News on Frankenstein! the one from 1790 and the one from 1818

Hello readers!  Exciting developments are happening now in Frankenstein world:

  1. Most people think of the Creature as a solitary monster. But readers of Shelley’s novel will remember the poignant moment when he felt hope and dared to love… I’ve created an artifact to capture that poignancy, and now you can have one too!  The pillow features an original drawing of the Creature alongside his dream girl on the front, with a black & grey satin back. As no. 2 in the series of “Limited Edition Literary Pillows,” it has a pull-out card printed with key scenes of the book tucked in the back pocket. Perfect for a Halloween gift!  Supplies limited. Available for only $25 NOW until 9/30/18  via
  2. To make my discovery of Nogaret’s “Frankenstein of 1790” accessible to more readers, I imagined a children’s story which will soon be available for purchase!  Entitled The Frankenstein of the Apple Crate: A Possibly True Story of the Monster’s Origins, the 32-page book is illustrated with lush imagery by Karen Neis, and includes historical and biographical information by scholars Eileen Hunt Botting  and Greg Kucich.  Stand by for more news on that forthcoming book here, or on my business site:
  3. The connection between Nogaret’s 1790 novella and Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel is puzzling, intriguing, and it has one more piece of evidence in its favor, as suggested by the use of the word “automaton” in the 1821 French translation of Shelley’s work. See the fascinating article by Anne Rouhette, “Jules Saladin’s 1821 translation of Frankenstein.”  (With thanks to Eileen Hunt Botting).

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