It’s here at last! “Teaching Representations of the French Revolution” pub. by the MLA


I am delighted to announce the publication of Teaching Representations of the French Revolution, published by the Modern Language Association in its “Options for Teaching” series.  This book includes essays by 32 scholars on teaching the French Revolution and its ongoing impact in a variety of ways: they discuss a broad variety of geographic areas (from Haiti, Latin America, and New Orleans, to Spain, Germany and Greece), they delve into governing ideologies (human rights, secularism, liberty), and they address literary texts both well-known and newly rediscovered.  Most importantly, this volume is an accessible invitation to learn more about the watershed moment in modern history. As a reviewer wrote, “This volume, with its clear, jargon-free prose, welcomes newcomers to the field.”

The book took over seven years to create, and was edited by three people: myself, Antoinette Sol, and Catriona Seth.  Congratulations to all the contributors!

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