Respectful but strong: the new must-have for Election 2020

Welcome to the “Respect” quilts of 2020: a must-have for the weary but determined activist, seeking a cozy refuge from the cold world. The red sides and back aim to take back the color and remind us of the long history of protest associated with red (Rennes le rouge, the Little Red Book, le bonnet rouge), MAGA supporters notwithstanding.

“Respect” quilt no. 1 has shipped to its new owner, and no. 2, almost done, is already sold. Order yours today for an amazing holiday gift; see our Election Special below!  Honey Girl Books and Gifts will make one just for you, in 30-45 days or so, well in time for the January inauguration of a new regime!

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a special former student from South Bend, Indiana, the original “Respect Quilts” I am making now feature beautiful cottons, African waxes, vintage linens, and custom-designed fabrics purchased from Black-owned businesses all around the USA. For more pictures, see our store on Etsy.

​ Designed as a wall-hanging or a bed coverlet, these unique quilts make a warm-hearted political statement of unity and sisterhood. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit committed to helping minority youth flourish: the Boys and Girls Clubs of two places we have called home: Saint Joseph County, IN and King County, WA

Special prices until November 3, 2020: Prices: $500 for large size (54″ x 78″); $300 for small size (36″ x 45″), plus tax and shipping

order yours now! contact: or, if you prefer the academic air of my former identity

both addresses lead to my new-old hometown, West Seattle, WA

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