Happy Thanksgiving and a query on the political significance of cheese labels

Bonhomme de Normandie brieCamembert du Pere JeromeWhat is the deal with the bonnet blanc of the Bonhomme de Normandie on the circle of Brie cheese with his portrait?  And how does it compare, politically, with the striped white and red bonnet of his rival Père Jérôme of Camembert fame?

Are they supposed to resemble the head-ware for men of a certain age in the Norman peasantry?  Or are the modified, blanched out versions of the revolutionary bonnet rouge?  They certainly look a lot like the Phyrgian bonnet…  Any thoughts out there?

Bon appétit to you, reader, on this day when Americans coast-to-coast (with some exceptions) probably eat better than the French.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and a query on the political significance of cheese labels

  1. From my limited understanding of fashion history, I understand the Phrygian cap to be symbol of liberty or freedom. Perhaps it’s supposed to be a cheese “of the people”? Aristocratic taste at a peasant’s price?

  2. ^_^ excellent! Thanks so much, Jay E. Glad to see you write again.
    p.s. It is very good cheese; we enjoyed at Thanksgiving.

    (Oh, Thanksgiving, the best of holidays for food and France lovers in the USA.). We were especially happy to share ours with Benoit, Lea & Aurelien, from Sciences Po, Paris, who happened to be in South Bend for the holiday.

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