#guillotine2020: too funny, except it’s not

Hey there,

Couldn’t pass up the chance to flag the great new social media tag #guillotine2020, and to remind everyone of its link to the French Revolution. As Amanda Hess writes in today’s New York Times, this tag indicates people’s growing distaste with celebrities who have taken to warbling uplifting anthems and promoting their personal recipes for “wellness” during the coronavirus public health emergency, from the comfort of their multi-million dollar mansions in Beverly Hills.  Yes, it’s tasteless. But will it actually rouse the rabble (that is, us) to stop looking to movie stars for moral guidance? Or will this phenomenon simply slide into oblivion once the crisis is past and new talents take the place of Gal Gadot and Madonna?  Who cares, really. It’s just funny to see Madame Guillotine, aka Le Rasoir national, being reused yet again….

Not so funny, if you remember what the guillotine really did until as recently as 1977, actually, in the French judicial systemLast_execution_by_guillotine_1

Last public execution in France, 1939.


2 thoughts on “#guillotine2020: too funny, except it’s not

  1. Trust me when I say that we knows what guillotine mean and there no surprise to see people liking the sound of it. Especially nowadays.

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