The Tiers américain, by Catherine McPhee

mcpheecollageCatherine McPhee, participant in the October Teachers as Scholars seminar on the French Revolution, contributed a visually powerful collage made of newspaper clippings, magazine photos and headlines broadcasting the hardships currently holding the American people in their grip. She notes that, “I feel the political and economic situation in the United States today is very similar to that of France just prior to the French Revolution. My collage represents three tiers of society: the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy and the serious problems that lie within each tier. Even though there is this separation of class, there still lies the underlying theme of unity our country has for preserving our democracy, so thus the circle of stars. The image of President Obama is included in all of the tiers representing hope that our government can help us move toward a more equitable means of life for all. It is not a socialistic society that I envision, but one where respect and tolerance for all is achieved. Hopefully this happens before we have our own revolution.”
Catherine McPhee, Media Specialist, John J. Young Middle School, Mishawaka, IN


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